Beginner’s guide to SEO

Marketing is a very important aspect when it comes to a business.

If you don’t have a proper marketing strategy, then your business won’t last very long. With increasing technology, digital marketing has become important for any business to prosper.

Nowadays, people are very dependent on digital medium. We seek help from a digital media outlet whenever we are troubled.

Therefore, it is easier to connect with people through digital media because of the dependency. This is the main reason why digital marketing plays an important role. There are different ways to promote a business through digital marketing, one of them being an SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation where you increase the user views on your website by bringing it on the top rank on the search engines.


This is achieved by the use of certain keywords in your web content. The more the keywords, the higher the ranking of your website. Whenever we search about something on the internet, we type those keywords which the computer recognizes and it generates relative search results. The more the keywords, the higher the website ranking will be.


Generally, the first five rankings are
very crucial as the searcher will most likely not go through more than five websites. If you
want your business to become popular, being on the first five is beneficial.

This method is mainly used to increase traffic to your website or to increase the number of
people who visit your website. This is not just related to your website, but also used for
videos. Now to rank your website to the top, Google has a special algorithm which ranks the
website based on the keywords in the algorithm. This algorithm changes frequently so it
cannot be manipulated.

There are two types of SEO’s which depend on how your website is ranked.

Black hat SEO

is a type where you want your website to be on a higher rank as soon as possible. This type
of SEO only focuses on the keywords in their content and does not focus on the gist of their
content. Their web content is full of keywords which fit with the algorithm. This method
helps in trafficking their website whenever you research a keyword on the search engine.
Most of the time, the content on these websites is gibberish and these websites ultimately
are banned. These types of websites are mostly the ones which generally do not provide the
information that you wish but instead something else. Whenever your website is just based
on keywords, you always have to be updated about the keywords and edit your content
accordingly. The bad part is that your website might not be sustainable if your content just
consists of keywords and not the gist.

White hat SEO
where you can have a sustainable online business. The
content in this type of SEO mainly focuses on the gist and not merely on the keywords. This
type tries to provide as much information as possible. The website might not be on the top
five at the beginning, but if you have great content, then eventually it will come in the top
ones. There is also another type of SEO which comes in between. It’s called the grey hat SEO.
This type is the best one to increase visitors on your website. This type not only focuses on the gist, but also on the keywords. This is the method mostly suggested for content
marketing and proved to be the best as it is a good mix of both black and white hat SEOs. It
has the advantages of both.


Just creating great content with perfect keywords is not enough. You need more to do
your website popular. Links plays a beneficial role to increase the popularity of your
website. They are like reviews from people about something which they are knowledgeable.
Links are nothing but HTML hyperlinks which lead from one website to another once you
visit them. The reputation of a website depends on these links. We have internal links which
lead to pages from the same domain.

This algorithm of ranking also depends on the number of links present. Therefore, link
building plays a crucial role in ranking a website. The algorithm is developed in such a way
that they evaluate these links and rank the website. This algorithm evaluates these links by
the concept of E.A.T. which is an acronym for Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy. This
concept helps in judging the content of the website, as it is important to generate content
which is expert, authoritative and trustworthy. This type of content will always help the

SEO is nothing but a strategy used for content marketing. As we are so dependent on
the internet it is still the best way to promote your business. With just a single click you can
get whatever you desire. Therefore, digital marketing is gaining popularity as it helps
companies to connect with its clients in a better way. With so many websites present, it is
important for you to be different with your content. But while generating unique content
you have to keep in mind that your content just doesn’t consist of keywords. It should also
be related to your website and try to provide the best information possible. You should also
include appropriate keywords which are related to your content. Along with great content
and appropriate keywords, you should also make sure there is a good amount of links
present. If you have this, your website will be on the top in no time.

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