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Welcome to Digital and Interactive Marketing. I look forward to welcoming you to this exciting unit. I’m Dr Mingming Cheng, the unit coordinator of this unit This unit is going to be really exciting as it will help you to acquire skills, technical expertise, tools and insights into rapidly developing digital marketing environment.

In this unit. We’re going to cover six main topics, including website design. A good website design makes a big difference to business. A good website can drive significant traffic, increase your brand awareness, and of course increase your sales. The second topic will be on search marketing how people can find you on Google use keyword search.

Social media marketing. You will have the opportunity to analyze a variety of social media channels and gain knowledge to design a successful social media campaign. The fourth topic will be on email marketing you will learn the techniques to design good marketing emails that turn one time buyers into your loyal customers.

The fifth one is digital analytics and digital Innovation. You will have the opportunity to use a variety of digital analytics tools to analyze digital marketing data, including a-b testing to understand whether Campaign A is performing better than Campaign B. Predictive Analytics to understand the growth of your sales for the next month and set the right target.

Also social media analytics to understand how users are engaged with your campaign in social media and how to improve your social media marketing performance. The last one will be on contemporary ethics and legal issues concerning digital marketing. You will gain knowledge of the ethical and legal boundaries of digital marketing This unit will have three assessments.

The first assessment is a digital brand planning report. It is a group project. You will work with a team of three to four people to develop a marketing campaign. The campaign needs to be based on data from a variety of digital channels including social studio. The second assessment is in class presentation.

This is an individual assessment. You need to analyze 3 digital channels of the brand. There will be 20 minutes. You need to look at the brand’s online presence and reflect how the brand can improve itself in the future. The website. Email marketing messages. Social media channels. Google search You need to use key indicators from a variety of analytics tools.

The last assessment – assessment 3 is an individual assessment. Digital analytics. You will practice what are you have learned from digital analytics in class to analyze three sets of digital marketing data and interpret the results. They will be in class in week 12 and it will be 60 minutes long. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to welcoming you in class.

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