Introduction to the Fantastic Globe of Digital Marketing

Digital advertising methods are a bar, large enough to relocate the globe.


Digital marketing techniques are a lever, and fulcrum, big enough to move the world. Online marketing comprises a set of tools and skills that can be used by any size enterprise. The bigger your aspirations and the more limited your resources, the more digital marketing helps. The skills you need to connect with your customers online are the same regardless of the size of your enterprise.

Digital marketing is about creating messaging, getting it in front of your target audience, measuring the effectiveness in terms of conversions or sales, and revising and optimizing your campaigns based on the feedback.

Online Marketing Fundamentals

We don’t “go online” anymore. We live online. Online marketing encompasses the promotion of your business online using a variety of ever-expanding and evolving channels. These channels include Search, social media, video, email, and display ads.

Online marketing focuses on being there at the right moment, with the right message, to capture the right customer. With the Internet on mobile devices, that experience is available and accessed anytime and anywhere. Potential customers have immediate access to the resources to conduct research, compare alternatives, share their experience, and ask their friends for advice and recommendations. Marketing techniques have radically changed to adapt to this new world.

What was once standard operating procedures are now marginalized and obsolete as online continues to become dominant. Print media continue to struggle, and people are abandoning cable TV for streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and a host of new contenders. We are chasing deals and deciding whether it’s cheaper and more convenient to buy online. Your business and offerings need to stand out in this noisy environment of online and mobile channels.

With so many touch-points and a multitude of channels, online marketing can feel overwhelming. But it is freeing to be creative and engage customers across so many potential platforms.

Digital Marketing Landscape

Display banners started appearing at the bottom of the screen for customers of online service providers of the time like Prodigy. By 2010, Mobile became a dominant platform. The adoption of digital media continues to increase, and people spend more extended periods online. Digital channel activity is rising, and with it, the allure and impact of digital marketing.

In 2000 it would have been challenging to promote yourself online effectively, and now, it’s foolish not to. Some companies focus exclusively on digital channels to capitalize on engagement with customers. We’ve witnessed some incredible shifts in how people respond to online marketing, consume content, and make purchasing decisions. We are now researching to figure out what products and services are best in class, and we read reviews and compare prices.

Before reading further, take a minute to guess what the top three search engines are. The top three search engines are Google, YouTube, and Amazon. Search is the top decision-making tool for purchasing not just for average consumers, but also for sophisticated business decision-makers. A website’s visibility in search engines is the most valuable online real estate.

The top players, along with Google’s algorithm for ad relevancy, are shown to searchers at the top of the list or in their search sidebar. Email was the original digital marketing format, and a quality email list is still the most valuable digital marketing asset. Your email list, along with your website, is the marketing property you own. They are so important because they are not vulnerable to the changes in platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

That independence from platforms makes your email list and website very valuable. Everything has to be mobile-friendly. Half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Along with mobile email, the digital marketplace demands a mobile compatible website.

Most website templates are now dynamic and sense whether the viewer is on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. All websites need to be adaptive and responsive and Mobile compatible. There have been dramatic developments in marketing automation. Applications like automated bidding for keywords, automatic re-marketing to people who have visited your site or abandoned a cart, and even populating bespoke advertisements based on what a user was searching for.

Automation is a significant component of email campaigns. Social media engagement is essential for many brands. Content marketing is effective because of the engagement and trust it develops. They are wary of sensational headlines, click bait and may be responding less effectively to previously standard techniques such as the top 10 lists.

The online marketing landscape is continually evolving. As new tools and trends emerge, test them out and see how they perform for your brand and products.

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