Why SEO Takes so Long?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways of marketing a website to get more traffic. Most individuals and companies having websites seek SEO services from SEO companies with an aim of getting their websites on top of the popular search engines. For effective services, website owners usually seek the services of recognized and somehow the expensive SEO companies. This is usually in a bid to get better results in a short period.

But even with the best SEO companies, instant results are never guaranteed. This is one thing that most people have never understood. People ask why SEO takes so long yet it’s just a matter of getting a website on the first page. Well, there are a number of reasons why SEO may take longer than expected. To be discussed below here are the top reasons why SEO takes so long.

Analyzing Competition Take More Time
Unlike how people think, analyzing the competition of a business takes more time. This is one of the main reasons why SEO process may take a longer time than expected. This is because there are probably other online businesses offering the same product or service you are offering. It usually takes more time in replacing an already existing company  something it has ground on. Not unless you are promoting a product or service that is about two months old, you should expect competition to be high.

Building Quality Links takes Time
One of the toughest stages in SEO formation is link building. It is usually a hard task to build quality links. There are many links that a SEO Company has to analyze before making the final decision on which links to include and which to leave out. This is a process that requires mathematical expertise and good analytical techniques. A good SEO Company should take time, but eventually comes up with quality links for backlink formation.

Google Rarely Trusts Speed
One of the most recognized search engines, Google are very keen on sites that get quick traffic. Even if a SEO Company decides to build over a thousand links overnight, still it will be hard to get recognition in Google. As a matter of fact, Google might go ahead to block such a website from their search engines. Therefore, SEO companies take their time in building honest traffic for their clients’ websites.

Fine Tuning also takes Time
A good SEO Company does not just rush its findings to the search engines. There has to be a thorough fine tuning of the website before it is released in the market. The fine tuning process is what takes much time before the results are seen. For instance, an SEO Company may be forced to build a new face for a website after noticing that the consumers will not appreciate the website’s face.

Up On Day, Down the Next
This is a popular game that Google likes to play. It is called ranking fluctuations. It can happen that one day you are rank #2 and the following you fall down to rank #10. This ranking fluctuation also delays the process of getting and stabilizing on top of the search engines.

State of the Website
Some website owners do not usually want any amendments by SEO companies on the content apart from the insertion of keywords. Such websites may not have the SEO friendly face and hence will take so long before it gets ranked high on Google.

SEO is not a Quick Money scheme
It is important to note that SEO is not an instant thing, but rather a well-designed process that takes time. So it can be said that it is the nature of SEO to take long before results are seen.

From the above, it can be seen that there are many reasons why SEO takes so long before the rankings are achieved. It is therefore important for website owners to be patient with SEO companies  they will always work their way out in getting a website at the top rankings though the time might seem to be a bit long. Patience and understanding are very important here.

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